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Breath. Stretch. Touch.

I'm so excited to bring a new offering to you! Over the past three weeks, I've been working hard to learn a new modality - Yomassage.

What is Yomassage? That's a great question! Yomassage combines breathwork, restorative yoga poses, and gentle touch. It can be offered in one-on-one sessions, or in groups of up to five.

Yomassage helps teach you how to meditate by focusing on your breath. Each session, we spend about five minutes doing some easy breathing exercises - simple techniques you can carry over into your life.

We then move into restorative yoga poses that incorporate a gentle stretch. These positions are supportive and comfortable! You should feel completely at ease - ready to fall asleep.

During each pose, I provide a bit of massage to various areas of the body, all while you're fully clothed. By keeping the pressure on the light to medium end, we ensure you always stay relaxed.

Sessions can include guided visualizations or meditations as well. There are plenty of poses that are safe and effective for pregnancy. Really, as long as you can get down to the floor and back up, you'll be able to do these positions, even if you're "not flexible" or have never done yoga!

By the end of a session, you're ready to float out of the room and carry on with your day.

Watch the video below to get a sense of what a Yomassage session is like.

I'll be starting off by offering Couples Yomassage sessions at my office. This can be a nice time for a couple to reconnect, for parent/child bonding, or spending time with a close friend. If you'd like to schedule your session, you can book a session online!

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