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COVID-19 Mitigation and Metrics

As we recover from another wave and see some mitigation measures start to relax in places, I’d like to share what I’m using to guide my strategies.

This lovely infographic was created by Your Local Epidemiologist, Katelyn Jetelina, MPH PhD.

I will be following these guidelines and collecting data from the following zip codes: Aurora (60502, 60503, 60504, 60505, 60506), Montgomery (60536), Sugar Grove (60554), Oswego (60543), and Yorkville (60560).

You can view the metrics for these cities here:

If there’s a discrepancy between the Cases per 100k and Test Positivity Rate, I’ll be using the higher, more restrictive, value.

While we’re in Red or Orange levels, masks will be required during sessions. Once we move into Yellow, masks be optional during sessions for clients. I will likely continue to remain masked. When we reach Blue, masks will be optional for both client and therapist.

On the subject of masks, I know we all spent time early in the pandemic finding cool cloth masks. I would STRONGLY encourage you to upgrade your mask, especially if we start seeing another surge, to a KN95, N95 or KF94 mask.

I like the KN95 masks from MaskC (they come in colors and patterns!) and KF94 masks from BOTN (they have adjustable ear loops!)

No matter what level we’re at, my ongoing mitigation strategies will remain in place: increased ventilation using 2 high quality air filters, thorough disinfection after each session (there’s nasty stuff out there that isn’t SARS-COV-2!), leaving at least 30 minutes between clients, and working with clients who have been fully vaccinated against SARS-COV-2.

Anytime we move from one level to another that will cause a change, I’ll be sure to send out an email detailing what changes to expect.

Stay safe out there!

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