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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a technique developed by John Barnes, PT. Using sustained, gentle pressure to areas that are hot, hard, or tender, Myofascial Release facilitates easing of restrictions in the fascia. When restricted, fascia can exert forces of up to 2,000 pounds/square inch on pain-sensitive structures. Tight, restricted fascia cannot be seen on an X-Ray, MRI, or through any testing. These restrictions can manifest in myriad ways.

Please wear shorts or shorts & sports bra for your MFR session. Avoid applying any oils or lotions to the skin before your session as MFR needs dry skin to be most effective.

TMJD Treatment

TMJD can be a debilitating condition. An initial TMJD session will be 60 minutes to provide ample time for assessment, past treatment, goals and hand-on work. TMJD treatment is performed on the face and neck as well as inside (interoral) the mouth. I will be wearing gloves during this treatment.

After the initial appointment, follow-up sessions last for 30 minutes. 

Current Pricing for 2023

Myofascial Release - 2023 prices

30 Minutes for $55

60 Minutes for $110

90 Minutes for $165

TMJD Treatment - 2023 Prices

30 Minutes for $55

60 Minutes for $110

      - initial appointment only.


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